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For my first blog ever, I will be writing about one of my dearest friends in the world, author, Alisha Basso.

Now, I don't want anyone thinking I'm biased by my feelings for the lady. I was in love with her work before I was in love with her personality. And NO, it's not that kind of love, although she is very attractive and I probably, never mind. Ahem.

Alisha's first novel, "This Blood," is the story of Grace Allen and her trials and troubles with the supernatural. (SPOILER ALERT...stop reading now if you have not read the book and are interested in doing so).  Grace is a long, lovely girl, with long, lovely hair that she has to shove under a goth wig for work. Apparently her boss wants her to whore up (she works at a bar) and she's not entirely happy about that. But, a girl has to make a living, right?  One fateful day, she finds an interesting ring in the gutter and decides to pawn it.  Little does she know that she has just pawned away her destiny. The ring shows up again, on the pinky of the most amazing man she has ever seen, who is watching her at work one evening with his silvery-blue eyes. After receiving a strange, late-night call from someone named Lucian, who turns out to be a wonderfully sexy warlock, Grace is whisked away into a supernatural world, where things she only imagined were real, ARE real!  The man who has the ring is Seth McPhee, a master vampire, who has uncovered Grace's secret.  Grace is the last of a magical race call the Madea, and her power has been encased in the ring. Seth grabs Grace and takes her to his lair where she gets to meet a lot of his sick coven. But Seth himself, is almost too much for her to handle. He is so incredibly sexy, with his long black hair, incredibly sculpted body, and Scottish brogue that she can barely resist his seduction.  That is, until she gets her hands on the ring.

I think I'm going to leave you with that.  There is so much more to the story. The main reason I love this book so much, is that Grace will not let herself be a victim. We think she is going to at first, but when things change, they change fast, and there is a moment in the book when you want to jump up and shout, "atta girl!" I love a strong female lead character, and when Grace finds her strength, she uses it!

Alisha's next book, "This Curse," continues on where "This Blood" left off. (Again, there are some spoilers here...)  Grace is trying to get used to her new powers, and her new look as a Madea. She no longer needs the ring, the power has been absorbed into her. Most of the time, she looks like her old self, as she hides behind her "glamour," or the illusion she creates around herself for others to see. But when she's alone, she drops her glamour, and she hates her own reflection. Her hair takes on a life of its own and becomes a crazy mass of coppery, snake-like locks. (That's my favorite part!) Her eyes become silver and her skin glows with an ethereal light. (Actually, I would really love to meet her looking like this!) Anyway, Grace figures out that a local werewolf pack has been killing girls and soon she figures out that her old buddy, the demon Voltaire, has his hands in it. When she goes to their hangout, a nightclub called "Beware of the Dog" in Gaelic, however, her scent gives her away. The pack leader, Patrick makes it clear to her of his intentions, but she soon makes him aware of her power, and her overpowering pheromones. He is overcome with lust, and she has to make a hasty exit. When she returns home, she draws a line in the sand for Seth, rationing his supply of her silvery blood. Later on, Voltaire visits her with his wolf pack, and Lucian shows up thinking she's in trouble.  The problem is, he shows up with his new girlfriend! Grace is incensed, but has to pretend she's not, after she shakes off the entire pack of werewolves. But something is not right about this new "girlfriend" of Lucian's, and Lucian himself is acting strangely.
Her visions are a mystery to her, and they are haunting her night and day. And then to top it all off, someone has stolen Seth's freezer of full of her blood. It seems at that moment the tables have turned. Seth is her powerful ally, and Lucian's motives are being questioned.
I'm going to stop there, because it just gets way too exciting after that!

Ain't She Sweet?

Alisha takes her readers on a journey through reality and on into the world of fantasy. A world where all the men are dangerous and sexy, and they all want you! She paints the picture for you so that you're not just reading, you're imagining it. You're living it. Then you start checking yourself for bite marks. I wanted to brush Seth's long, black hair and listen to his stories of the old country. I still do. I guess I've always had a thing for bad boys. 
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